Chichi Fabulous & Flawless foundation Review
If you watch Shaaanxo you’ve probably heard about this foundation. After hearing how much she loves it I was dying to get my hands on it! I ended up getting the deal she had with Chichi that included a whole bunch of different items as I had never tried the brand before so expect a few reviews of different products here on the blog.

I’ve heard many mixed reviews about this foundation, most either love it or can’t get it to work, which is why I really wanted to try it for myself. My first impression are a little mixed so I’m definitely going to be continuing to use this foundation and update you a little later when I’ve formed an accurate opinion. If you want to see my first impressions of this foundation watch the video below or click here.

Below is bare face – one layer of foundation – 2 layers of foundation
Before and After foundation Chichi

Carina xx


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Wow. This really does make me speechless!!

When I started my channel I was bored, I had a lot of spare time (Now not so much). I loved the creative side of youtube, creating and editing videos, and I had also recently developed an unhealthy obsession with makeup ;) So I made my first video, uploaded it, and the rest is history! I never thought it would grow into what it is today, something that I still find so enjoyable to do and also makes me some cash to feed my online shopping addiction.

I want to thank you for subscribing to my channel and watching my videos. Even though it’s been just over a year that I’ve been doing this, I can’t remember not doing it.. if that makes sense? It’s just become part of my life and I love it! So if you would like to enter my giveaway just click this link here.

Thank you.

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If you’ve been watching my channel for a while you’ve probably seen one of my previous iHerb hauls. It’s one of my favourite places to shop for makeup, skincare, haircare and they have a bunch of grocery items too. Everything is really reasonably priced so it’s super easy to go crazy and buy a bunch of things! I also have a coupon code PJQ811 which will get you $5-$10 off your first order. If you want to take a look at what I got take a look at the video below :)

Carina xx