This weekend flew by and now I’m just zzzzz.. Daylight savings happened which means waking up an hour early on a Monday morning so please excuse if this post is a little light.

Spring has finally hit and the tulips were out at the botanical gardens. We had driven past them a few time the previous week and all I could see was bright colours everywhere. The last two years we’ve stopped by a little late and the tulips look a little sad so I’m happy we were there in time this year.
Purple Tulips
Matt was with me.. Have no idea why I got no photos of him though, oops. I’m usually the one holding the camera and taking all the photos no matter where we are but this time he had the camera in his hands almost the whole time. Although a good amount of the photos turned out blurry (must give him another lesson on how to use a DSLR).
In one of my previous videos I asked what sort of things you wanted to see from me and I got a lot of fashion requests. Fashion is not my strong point, not at all. I don’t put a huge amount of effort into it and always go for something comfy. Anyway, here’s what I wore on Saturday.

Top: Glassons | Fluffy Cardigan: Glassons | Tights: Kmart | Shoes: Asos | Bag: New Look (Similar)
Spring Festival

Carina xx


Evening Skincare Routine
Last week I shared with you my Morning Skincare Routine and here is part 2, My Evening Skincare Routine.

I haven’t made up my mind whether expensive skincare is actually worth it. Depending on who you talk to you’ll get very different opinions and arguments for both. I do, however, believe that using more expensive skincare makes you feel worth it (pampered in a way). And isn’t that why most of us use beauty products? I keep my skincare pretty simple and use a mixture of both affordable and more expensive products. My Evening Skincare Routine is below, don’t forget to subscribe :)

Carina xx


Morning Skincare Routine Thumbnail
I think this has been my most requested video, yet it has taken me such a long time to upload! Skincare for me is one of those things that I can’t seem to get perfect. I get it almost perfect but I still feel like there is always room for improvement so I’ve always held off.

I’m pretty happy with my skin at the moment and the products I’m using so if you would like to know more about the products I use on my skin on a daily basis then watch the video below :)

Carina xx